Introduction to the Forum

The Sustainable Development Goals represent one of the most significant initiatives in contemporary human history. With a target of achieving all 17 goals by 2030, the clock is ticking to ensure that the most pressing issues of today are addressed. The media has a major and central role to play in helping humankind succeed in securing its future on this planet.

Forum Video 1 (Morning Session)

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ASAP90 is a major and ambitious invitation-only conference that will bring together over 250 media practitioners, specialists in sustainability, journalists, editors and politicians. The conference will kick-start conversations among the media industry and develop a collaborative approach to engaging the public in discussion and debate about how the SDGs can be achieved.
The conference intends to put in place an accord between media companies to establish ways to work together on this vital project.
ASAP90 is the centrepiece of the 90th anniversary of Taiwan’s international broadcaster, Radio Taiwan International. RTI has a rich heritage in bringing award-winning stories from and about Taiwan to audiences throughout the world. Now, as it begins its tenth decade, RTI is positioning itself at the centre of initiatives around sustainability and other major issues of our age.
The Association for International Broadcasting, the global trade association, is working with RTI on this ambitious and important event. The AIB and RTI are committed to ensuring that the conversations started at the conference continue over the coming months and years, broadening the discussion to include other major media companies throughout the world.
To ensure that ASAP90 addresses the concerns of citizens in the Asia-Pacific region, there will be vox-pops screened at different points during the day. Gathered from key locations around the region by the AFP news agency, these vox-pops will help to inform the debate and demonstrate the level of understanding that exists about sustainability in different territories.